What We've Achieved

  • Zero pollutants or emissions
  • Perfect for off-the-grid locations
  • Virtually inexhaustible supply of raw materials

No dangerous chemicals or environmental impact

  • Most affordable battery storage system worldwide
  • Scalable from kW to GW
  • Long-term stability of 10-20 year operation
  • Energy storage and performance from -40 to 80°C

THE RIGHT TECHNOLOGY - Zinc Air Flow Batteries



  • Zinc is sold at $2 per kilo1
  • Oxygen is obtained free from the air


  • Non-flammable
  • Non-toxic


  • The only metal which can sustain the battery volumes to move towards complete sustainability
  • Provides long-term cycling needed for grid batteries

Advanced Design

Since 2009 we've been developing advanced zinc-air flow batteries. We're proud to present the accumulation of multiple breakthrough technologies in Zinc-Air battery systems including:

Zinc-air flow cell rough schematic

Zinc-air flow cell rough schematic

  • Patented bi-functional catalyst which combines high durability and activity during both discharge and recharge reactions

  • Solid-state membrane separator which prevents carbon dioxide from poisoning the electrolyte

  • Proprietary electrolyte flow system which impedes zinc oxide formation, avoiding dendrite formation and clogging

  • Advanced housing design for compact packing and simple transferal of reservoir reactants

  • Unique porous zinc anode design which allows for thousands of cycles with no shape or performance change

Advanced Catalyst

A catalyst is the critical design parameter in long-term and efficient energy storage. In our labs, we've spent years building and optimizing nano-sized catalyst structures and guarantee high efficiency for service beyond 10 years.

  • Nano-enhanced catalysis where the outer soft shell of each catalyst particle is optimized for electron release (discharging), and the inner core is optimized for electron collection (charging)

  • Extreme durability tested in-lab for continuous operation at levels far above industrial use

  • Bi-functionality allows for instantaneous switching between providing (discharging) and storing (charging) energy

WatTech Power has perfected a battery type that everyone else gave up on years ago. With a large world supply of zinc metal and a price point well below the DOE target - I’m in 100%.