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The North American market for grid power is primed for an innovative technology to emerge. 

The current Grid storage is

  • More than 4x the DOE target for sustainable energy storage. Optimization using the current technologies will take decades to reach affordability (120-180 $ / kWh).

  • Time of Day Dependent - the peak of consumption occurs during the day, while many plants operate at continuous levels. This has led to Time-of-Day Rates, where energy consumed during peak hours has a significant cost surplus (2-3x) compared to off-peak charges. Load leveling using stored electro-chemical energy reduces operating costs significantly.

  • Disruptable - When a power station or line is briefly interrupted, a huge number of consumers experience loss of service. Through instantly switching to reserves of battery-based storage, this failure can be mitigated until the host station is back online.

  • Increasing in Demand - More and more energy is being consumed on a daily basis. If we are to address this need for power in an environmentally responsible manner, power storage systems for inconsistent electrical generation (renewable energy such as wind, solar and wave) is required.

Q1 2015 US Installation Cost per sector - Lithium-ion 

US Energy Deployment (MW) 2012-2019 (estimate)

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WatTech Offers

The Ideal Grid Power Storage System

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WatTech recognizes that in the modern Smart-Grid market, energy storage is just one piece of a many-faceted gem. We aim to develop a battery storage solution using our proprietary process that will form a foundational pillar. Independent smart-grid technologies can build off of this to leverage technological advantages such as Volt-VAR optimization (VVO), conservation voltage reduction (CVR), advanced monitoring techniques, fault detection and wide area measurements (WAM). Through the integration of independent IT-based software and sensors and WatTech's core power supply, the smart-grid infrastructure can be readily deployed.

Why we will succeed:

  • Below Target Cost - WatTech has developed prototype batteries at low cost, and has forecast marketable prices of 100 $ / kWh
  • Long-lasting - In-lab testing of over 6000 partial discharge-recharge cycles demonstrate the long life-span of the zinc-air flow system. This translates to more than 15 years of large-scale battery storage use
  • Environmentally Sustainable - WatTech's technology operates pollutant-free
  • Safe - There is no risk of fire, explosion or chemical run-off. Individual cells are inherently unable to put the whole stack in danger

The smart-grid market is rapidly expanding. Utility customers are setting great importance on 'future-proofing' when implementing any new opportunity. WatTech believes that at the core of any new 'smart' element (electric vehicles, responsive generation, load-leveling) or those that will be invented in the future, a safe and green approach is always the correct one.