For Investors

Grid-scale energy is a burgeoning market. WatTech Power has several advantages that make it a power player in the energy storage market: 

Unique Technology – WatTech's patented flow battery technology is low cost, safe, reliable, & long-lasting. 


Industry-Leading Value Proposition – At a target price of $100/kWh, WatTech will disrupt incumbent solutions used for peak generation and delivery capacity (e.g. gas-fired turbines, transmission and distribution upgrades) by providing the same service at lower cost.

Experienced management team – Veteran management team with deep expertise (two chemistry Ph.Ds with 30+ patents and battery technology commercialization experience) and a history of success in scaling energy businesses.


High Capital Efficiency – WatTech is operating on a very low budget.The target is for an additional $100M to MW size demonstrations and production.